Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

Celebrate the comforts of home with help from Revamp Renovation & Floor Care! Our carpet cleaning solution ensures that your interior is clean, welcoming, and beautiful… from the bottom up.

We Bring Out the Best in Your Carpet

Your carpeting is constantly underfoot. And that exposure to activity takes a toll. Our team has a match to the dirt, dust, and eyesores that bring your carpeted surfaces down. With the leadership of our technicians, you can expect a complete service that includes:

  • Preparation
    Every service starts with a comprehensive inspection to map out a work plan and target areas that need extra attention
  • Pre-Treatment
    Your carpeting is grappling with deeply embedded debris and discoloration. Our pre-treatment process sets the stage for an impactful and successful service.
  • Deep Cleaning
    We use industry-leading carpet cleaning equipment to work into the fiber surfaces. This approach effectively removes the eyesores without harming your carpeting.
  • Extraction
    After our cleaning process, we use a deep-penetrating extraction method to remove water from the fibers. This cuts down on the drying time — and expedites your “just like new” carpeting experience.

With professional carpet cleaning, your interior won’t just be clean; it will be inviting, healthy, and safe. We consider it to be the magic combination!

Decode Your Carpet Stains

Carpeting is a magnet for dirt, dust, and other debris. The result isn’t just an eyesore — it can contribute to significant health issues. With routine carpet cleaning from Revamp Renovation & Floor Care, you get solutions that safeguard your:

  • Interior ambience
    A clean carpet sets the foundation for a beautiful interior. The effect is transformative; it lifts up your decor from the bottom up.
  • Carpet longevity
    Regular carpet cleaning will help your flooring fibers maintain their quality, lift, and durability. It’s a small investment in the long-term health of your home’s bottom layer!
  • Health
    Dirty carpeting is a haven for dust, dust mites, and other particulate matter. The result has serious implications for anyone who calls your home, but the symptoms are exacerbated by those who suffer from asthma or other respiratory issues.

With carpet cleaning from Revamp Renovation & Floor Care, you get the full package. Invest in the best with support from our technicians!

Five Star

Awesome friendly professional service, My carpets and couch were long overdue!!! The Photo's on the website are from my house. I was shocked at what a difference Rick was able to make. Made it look like a new house!! Have suggested Rick to friends and will continue to do so. First rate service and great pricing.....Thanks Rick

Stave Bruns

He's awesome and he's a very professional and always on time I'm going to use him in a couple days

Sandra Sanders

Very Very Pleased with our service. The sectional looks like new again! YaY! And he was so nice to converse with! We will use his services again!

Michelle Cardone

I had Ricks restoration out to clean my carpets and tile he did an awesome job. My house looked brand new after he left. He does great work at a great price I would recommend him to my friends and family. Thanks Rick

I have a dog and 2 boys and they messed my carpet up pretty good. I thought I had to replace it but I called Rick and he did an excellent job. I will recommend him to my friends and family.

I will never go to another cleaning and restoration company ever again. He stands out for great availability/price/ and customer service. His work spoke for itself. He knows what he is doing. Thank you Rick and I will gladly recommend you again.

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